As far as we know, the last two of The Predator Figures are releasing this month

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The last of The Predator movie figures are almost releasing and might be the final figures from the movie, unless they announce some more. Any speculation of what they could be if they do? I would say maybe an Assassin non-armored so that it has the brownish color hue version when it isn't in battle mode. It be cool they did some of the Predator hybrid monsters that made it to first cut of film, and maybe concept versions of Predator dogs due to they have said on twitter they weren't doing movie design.


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    @ApeYautjaWould they ever create any of the Loonies? I'm not sure they would because I don't think people were as invested in them as they were in the OG crew, ya know?

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    @AlphaPredator With the film version we got, most likely not. Also it seems to be issues with human likeness especially with the Predator series. I guessed the predator creatures due to their concept was done before special effects.

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