Predator App

Blob_147Blob_147 Elite☠️☠️☠️

Apparently, the Predator App is still active! I couldn’t bring myself to uninstall it and decided to open it back up again for fun, and it actually worked!

I’ve been away from the community for a long time, both app and website, so I haven’t been in the loop with what’s been going on for months now.

The app doesn’t have very much activity going on like this website does, but it was both nice and a little weird seeing it back up and running again.

I’m glad I still have this community and it’ll always be around no matter what. I’ll always be a massive Predator fan and I hope we’ll get more movies soon!


  • ApeYautjaApeYautja Elite☠️☠️☠️

    @Blob_147 - A few new people joining in past few months, been quiet here with official news on the site, rest of the tribe has been posting on new stuff in the franchise with the up coming video game, collectibles, and comics.

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