My Idea for Predator 5

I am like really new here sorry. Also I am not sure if this was already said or not- But in The Predator (2018) they introduced the 'Predator Killer' suit of armor. It had attached itself to one of the scientists then clicked off. Of course, Quinn exclaimed that it would become his new armor, but what if it's not? There's speculation that Arnold himself may return as the Dutch we all know. What if the Yautja created this 'suit' specifically to match up with Dutch's DNA. Because as far as the humans knew, the 'Predators' were only there in 1987, 1997, etc. What if perhaps the 'Predator Killer' suit was specifically made to match up with Dutch's DNA because he killed the 'first' Yautja, The Jungle Hunter. It would explain why the suit clicked off of the scientist it attached itself too. So only Dutch can wear the suit successfully. Then, the plot of the movie could be the group of upgraded Yautja attempting to hunt down Dutch before he can get his hands on the 'Predator Killer' suit.

I dunno. I was talking about that with my father but I don't know if that plot idea makes any sense. And again, I am very new here and don't know if this plot idea already exists.


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    It could be that reason, were not sure since not really anything has been said about film and the purpose of suit since it wasn't received well. Dutch was supposed to show up in the original ending on script, but there was no suit and the cut Emissary Predators and hybrids were still in the story.

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