Predator: Big Game and Predator: Blood on Two Witch Mountain

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I read both of theses comics and thought the story was really good, a lot more happening than the wiki describes in the little text. I also liked that how most of the terms they used were right on the spot for the Navajo Language, being part Navajo, and that there was this understanding between the character's culture and his current events without jumping the gun like most media does when research isn't done. I also liked how even though being from the 90's comics it still had unique ideas and great plot turns that haven't show up in the films or other comics. I have read both the collected issues of Predator: Hunters 1 and 2 and like that they are continuing Enoch's arc along with other characters from the previous lore of comics. It was interesting to see how in the Big Game that Predator used military tech to its advantage and was able to outsmart some of the soldiers with night vision. One thing I thought was odd was the Predator killing a driver of car like playing chicken with it and making it crash. I say odd due to does that count as an honorable kill even though the human wasn't trying to hit him and he was going to collect skull of human anyway? The continuation of the story afterwards with the flash back of his great grandfather facing the Predator was interesting two with how it plays out and was a great companion piece with Big Game.

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