Hints of the original third act in The Predator media

ApeYautjaApeYautja Elite☠️☠️☠️

Just looking back at the special features of The Predator and art book their are hints of the original third act as many others in the community have seen. Members here have mentioned the head of the Stargazer agent who gets killed in lab escape which they left out of theatrical film. I am guessing to cut down on gore and time, yet the Fugitive needed both the hand and head to open door with the vocal sound. While looking at the features of film I noticed a cop motorcycle in background of interview scene, and it is also in the concept art for ending fight. I think that is the motorcycle Casey uses to catch up to MacKenna in original ending from the city. There is also a picture and concept art of a fighter jet pilot in the book and it might have to do with a third jet from the military showing up in the end to help take down the Assassin's ship, I wonder if it someone else who got cut from film. There is also an actor listed as third pilot in credits. Other things in features where noticing background shots of third act like there is a part where a helicopter crashes in the day, wonder if it was Trager's and another shot of all the mercs and Trager dead while action still going on. Just watching the lab escape scene again, I see another helmet in glass in background that might be one of the Emissaries helmets, making that there is three at least of the similar looking helmet. Could be that hybrid clan was trying to mass produce armor for the invasion, if the Emissaries are from the same clan and on the run like Fugitive was doing. I wonder if in time we will get to see the footage or the stills of the set and concept art.

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