Blackout aka Milena zdravkovic (conceptart) Neca Fugitive


Ok...well ****'s been long time since last update you all this guy,well reason why..lot been going in my life haven't able take time catchup keep to date. Well where should I begin here...well this guy took way longer than I tended this custom be. First off well back when I was working ran into few issues mostly paint rub with joints testing them now..idk you guys when comes customs repaints etc I tend test joints (not with wet paint of course) well had deal that then I stupidly used wrong varnish after I was happy with final coat that was issue,Polyurethane isn't necessarily just didn't really work made lot his coat rip-tear from barely moving joint so about month two pasted back near in May when he was complete but..really wasn't too happy so searched up down look best varnish found same brand liquitex polymer I originally was aiming for maybe more toxic substance solvent varnish ten times more permanent then polymer-non toxic but I really didn't want go through hassle so got the non-toxic polymer well. I couple months down took him apart again which i'll add is super pain in the **** with upper chest it's more difficult espeically when your trying keep some paint in tact using food syringe which I recommend for all uses customizing or just loosen those tight **** neca joints.

Well I sanded down shaved including where gauntlets peg in I had too make less or non-paint rub plus he's has few bits window trim inside armor and gaunlets to prevent scratches period lol almost ever bit the torse joint which..honestly should done first place,like shoot myself in the foot lmao all work you see now was done month go after letting him sit on my shelf looking good and poor at same time but like I said huge mistake first time around but over all the time and money whent into was totally worth it and I'd do all over again maybe less stressful.

I added kinda like tribalesk stripping which was inspired but kyles emissary just give him some favor not so flat no effects everything is mix of oxidized yellow,hookers green heavy on blackwash spotted and all. Everything is almost spot on accurate to Milena zdravkovic accept for whole "pants thing" he had in concept art.

I re-sculpted his whole torso using dremel thankgod I have one they are useful.

Forgive me...for crap quality photos my phone is bit weak here there when comes taking photos.

His eyes were inspired by Borg aka lost predator red eye's with silver few days ago I went all add more details which didn't before with armor plus add stuff like bullet shots especially since had little accent with dremel cut little bit armor which on the left side with clean cut whole as if someone shot him but had no effect on him.

The extra (stealth bio mask) last but not least he has three alt-hands one for holding his mask with one hand he can crotch pretty low if not lower then necas most recent release with the lab escape fugitive or maybe moves almost about the same the gauntlets arms can future due fact i smooth down access plastic that hinder including right arm which was bad they now have improved from what i've seen with emissaries he can lean back about same but not too far like before,Everything functions same if not better than before when I got him last year back October which lets been honest here..he lacked lot detail looks bland as ****,but such great figure regardless.

Stay tuned for more,Ahab is going get finished later this year or next. And I recently touched Goldie and well...last is Borg he desperately needs be revamped i'll reveal him mid October as now here's throwback of good o'l battle lost armor borg in dead fall.

feel free add me at art,cutoms,fanart etc later tribe!

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