Whatever Happened to Anna’s Cameo Appearance in Predator 2?

When people cross paths with the wonderfully talented actress Elpidia Carrillo, they usually want to know about her experience co-starring in Predator. Even though she has played other substantial roles opposite big Hollywood actors like Johnny Depp and Will Smith, since that landmark 1987 science fiction film Carrillo has confessed that she is still mostly known for her role as “Anna”; a member of the guerrilla army operating in Val Verde that is captured by Alan “Dutch” Schaefer’s team of mercenaries, only to be systematically picked off by an alien hunter one by one.

Carrillo often likes to jest about her iconic part, like in an 2014 interview with Latin Heat where she revealed:

“The only thing I learned from making Predator was to be able to survive among a bunch of horny, macho, stupid, muscle men. I am very proud of that.”

What many do not realize, including some Predator fans themselves, is Elpidia Carrillo’s Anna also appeared in the 1990 sequel Predator 2! In fact, Elpidia’s character actually holds the distinction of technically being the only reoccurring character in the entire Predator franchise, including the title characters themselves.

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