More rare avg costs (Red, Beserker, Falconer, Serpent, others?

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Have some ?’s on Neca Preds. standard 7” Preds only, not oomans. From threads here/google/YT, I understand its Big Red, Albino, Masked Beserker, Night Storm are probably rarest. What about Elder (version 2-series 12 only), Scar and Serpent (or any of those badass Series 14)? What might be a couple others?

Anybody know about how much any of those might. go for? I’m sure some of you scooped them up cheap/on a good deal. But nowadays, if they were in the box, what might be a going price?


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  • PritaPrita Blooded ☠️☠️

    Bumping this thread. Hoping someone has some inputs please?

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    As a general rule pretty much every figure they produce becomes rare as they're all limited runs. Just about anything that came before Series 18 is rare now (and series 18 itself is getting there). What usually determines how much the go up in the secondary market is if NECA has remade them. City Hunter and Jungle Hunter for example tend to drop in price whenever NECA does a new version of them. Elder (V2 or even V1), Scar and Serpent are all three pretty rare at this point. I've seen Serpent Hunters in box go from anywhere from $100-$200.00 (it's too bad a majority of the boxed ones are defective due to an imperfection used for the mask mold, most had to have NECA ship them a new mask, I bought several for custom projects and all but one had a defective mask, although I must give NECA credit for sending me replacement head for each one.

    Another problem with the older ones is the abundance of bootlegs and it makes finding legit ones difficult. The thing about the bootlegs is most of them came from the same factory as the legit ones. Since NECA uses Chinese factories, the factories sometimes decide to use the molds for their own benefit and/or sell defective or rejected models to make a bit of a side profit. In that respect the bootlegs are technically just like the legit ones, but most are riddled with defects (rejected for a reason) or in some cases the mold was reused (without NECA's consent) and inferior plastic was used. Either way I try to avoid the bootlegs, but sometimes I even get them from US sellers, these days I try to grab any of the ones I want as soon as they're released to avoid paying more for them later or risking a bootleg one.

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    @Drakar006 - Wow! You are smart! Yeah, the bootlegging is a huge issue. I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting those. For the older ones, I can tell it’s a fake, without it ever coming out of the box. I can tell it from the lettering on it. I landed a few fakes, but always got my money back (and got to keep one of them too)! :-) So I was ok with it.

    You make some excellent points I never even thought of, like Neca selling off molds, or someone swiping them from Neca and how previous releases usually go down with updated models. And also to buy up new releases before they become a “hundred and stupid” dollars. I’ve definitely jumped on this! Say, what were the imperfections on the Serpent mask? (And, I think you were lucky that Neca replaced them. They’ve gotten so big and busy, they don’t even answer emails back. LOL).

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