Predator 5 Ideal Cast and Crew Explained

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So I thought I’d take the time to explain the director, cast, screenwriter & budget for my idea of Predator 5

Director : Guillermo Del Toro is very well known in the creature and sci-fi movie world. He’s directed the Hellboy movies and is best known for his work on Pan’s Labyrinth. If he were to be the director, he’d know exactly how to make the movie look great for the budget. While he isn’t much of a action person, he’d know how to portray the characters in the action sequences. He can also serve as lead character and creature artist for the movie because Del Toro has a very unique sketchbook that he carries around with him everywhere he goes. His sketchbooks look like something that Leonardo Da Vinci would have with him and he even draws in the style of Da Vinci. 

One last thing : Del Toro can even help design the Predator Warrior and Hunter by getting advice from the original Predator creature artists and even Stan Winston’s colleagues who helped redesign the Predator. I’d love to see him consult with Studio ADI artists to help sculpt the heads so that they are just proportionality right did the actor.

Cast: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and Ron Perlman would be a great cast and line up for the movie. Diesel’s character would be the main protagonist in the movie. He’d played the grandson of Dutch and Perlman would be the younger son of Cooper, Ventura’s character in the original Predator. Rodriguez would be able to bring her tough as nails personality to her role like she’s done with Letty Toretto. And lastly Tyrese’s would be the one who is always messing up stuff, but is always willing to finish the job.

Screenwriter: the best part yet. The person who sets the story of the movie. I’d say if you want a proper Predator successor, I’d recommend Del Toro and Steven Spielberg to write the script. Del Toro can even use his creature designs to explain the backstory of the Predator Warrior and Hunter. He’d then give his ideas to Spielberg, who’d then could jot down real quickly not only the story and setting of the movie, but the story of the Predators who’ve come to Earth to stop the Bad Blood invasion. And yes Spielberg would make sure the Predator Warrior and Hunter don’t die in this film and has a happy ending like Fire and Stone where Ahab lives. 

Another thing Spielberg could also do is have the story start on Yautja Prime and then proceed to New York City where the Predators meet the main human characters. Spielberg would be very good at being able to explain the Yautja culture and way of life.

Budget: That’s the really big question. I’d love to see that Predator 5 would be a soft reboot of the franchise as well as something movie goers and fans would enjoy. The last Predator movie had a budget of $88 million and that movie did make back its budget. If you were to do a budget for my idea, I’d say go for the biggest budget yet, but not incredibly huge. If I was the executive giving the budget, I’d give Del Toro and Spielberg a budget of $100 - $135 million (Example : the latest Transformers spin-off movie Bumblebee was made for the same budget and made five times its budget back at the box office).

I know the budget seems extreme for a Predator movie, but this is the movie that could help bring fun back to the franchise and set up a trilogy to come. Maybe would even take the fight to Yautja Prime with our human heros and the two Predators who respect them.

So that’s everything on the cast, crew and budget for the movie. What are your thoughts on this? To Disney / 20th Century Fox, please consider my idea for Predator 5.

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