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  • @Hawkins well i hope this is true because that would be bad ****...

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    I’m going to say ....I’m not sure but this makes for an awesome topic of discussion.

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    Going with True. The Pred mini was an M60 with tremendous mods to it (which were really cool). Admittedly though, for the lengthy periods of time Ventura and Mac fired it, that’s not possible for one man to carry that much ammo. But those scenes were still awesome! (And yeah, I remember how freaking heavy the M60, let alone the ammo is, when I had to carry that stuff in the Army. Ug)! If memory serves me correctly, it was the same mini in Term 2, but they had modded it again.

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

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    If I remember rightly, there's a show on UK NetFlix about a guy who goes around testing myths to do with guns from films and trying them out. They wanted to see if a minigun would really wreck a jungle they do in Predator and they had Bill Duke on the show, doing it. Was pretty sweet.

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    I think true

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