NECA in Target stores on the West Coast

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Hello, I was wondering for those of us living on the West Coast, has any of the Targets in your area been stocked? I haven't seen my local Target get anything new for over a month now and haven't seen any new stock yet. I wonder if there is something going on in their shipments.


  • Hi there. I actually haven't checked in Target for a little while now. I actually go through a toy guy that started just selling in a Facebook group and now has just started his online business. Really good guy, good price, and if you're into the horror genre, he's got lots of good stuff.

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    @ApeYautja I haven’t checked in probably 2-3 weeks but they had newer stock. It probably depends on the store too. We have 3 targets in a decent distance to us and they are stocked different as far as Neca. The one we went to was a super target so it’s a bigger store.

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    I been looking for others stores to find the new figures if Target doesn't have them.

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