Predator 2 lost tribe

I really feel like Dark Horse missed an opportunity in the comics with the Lost Tribe at the end of Predator 2. Because from what we have seen until that point in the comics and games is that most tribes consist of the same kind of Predators. Then here is this tribe with a bunch of ragtags who are unique in looks and technology. I feel like they could've gone far giving them their own backstory and how they all found each other.


  • PreyerPreyer Young Blood☠️

    @HornheadPredator Yeah, I would agree that the Los Angeles hunting party/ the lost tribe seems like an interesting concept and it's sad that we didn't have the chance to see another appearance of them in comics or novels :(. Although, I believe that they were a special feature of the film (predator 2 1990) and that's maybe why it isn't that bad at all that they appear only in the movie (and in the movie's comics and novels, of course). Would really love to see a backstory though..........

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