[POLL] What actor/actress would you like to see in an upcoming Predator film?



  • SkelatinaSkelatina Un-Blooded
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    @MobMama @Preyer I second those! Any ideas for female cast? I'm pretty partial to the 'Last Girl' trope but definitely wouldn't want Momoa to not survive.

  • JohnTheEmissaryJohnTheEmissary Elite☠️☠️☠️
    Jason Statham

    Check out my latest post about who I thinking would be perfect for a fifth Predator movie:D

  • PreyerPreyer Young Blood☠️
    Tom Hardy

    @Skelatina Remember Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil? Reminds of mrs. Delecreaux from aliens versus predator deadliest of the species.

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    Danny Devito

  • Wea65Wea65 Un-Blooded
    Kate Beckinsale

    Charlize Therone

  • voidmixvoidmix Un-Blooded
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    I'd love to see Katee Sackhoff in a female lead. As for dudes I agree Josh Brolin would be cool.

  • MercuryOneMercuryOne Un-Blooded
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    Diego Luna

  • BergquistBergquist Un-Blooded
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    Marcus Luttrel.

  • Tom Hardy

    Jason Momoa ftw

    Bring on the Hunt.

  • Tom Hardy

    I wouldnt mine seein mads mikkelson and keanu reeves and jason momoa plus r lee ermy

  • HIKi77enHIKi77en Un-Blooded
    Jason Statham

    The big name actors always make the film more interesting.

  • DarkMollyDarkMolly Yautja Leader☠️☠️☠️☠️
    Milla Jovovich

    My brother said he would love to see Tom hardy.

  • EurfsEurfs Un-Blooded
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    Emily Blunt / Joel Kinnaman

  • earthlingearthling Un-Blooded

    Adrian brody and charlize theron

    if I must choose a female I want an amazon. I would want a woman who can handle a weapon that does not need to be reloaded. Since you can not carry  your ammo and someone else's I would like to have someone who can carry her water food guns ammo knives etc., I believe this leaves out any woman under 5 foot 8.

  • Jason Statham

    Be pretty cool to see somebody use martial arts on a Predator such as Jason Statham. I wish they would have had to win The Rock Johnson in the pic though. It would also be great to see Vin Diesel as Riddick vs The Predator!

  • Other - Comment Below!

    Charlize Theron

  • Sylvester Stallone

    Rami Malek 😍 I feel like he'd be able to adapt to any role and would make a great addition to the Predator community 😈😈

  • QlqksqqnQlqksqqn Un-Blooded
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    Sanaa Lathan

  • DudesonDudeson Un-Blooded
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    Idris Elba as the lead

  • Tom Hardy

    Love to see Tom Hardy

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