Men in Black Vs. Predator

Blob_147Blob_147 Elite☠️☠️☠️

I’m a huge fan of MIB and I’m seeing the new one tomorrow. Do you think the Men in Black could stand a chance against a clan of Predators, or even just a single one?


  • PritaPrita Blooded ☠️☠️

    Love MIB too. Didn’t know there’s a new one. Yay!! Don’t think MIB would beat Preds. But.. it could be Great to see the technology and weapons from both sides. One thing about MIB, they had great weapons!

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

  • PreyerPreyer Young Blood☠️

    Well 1 preddie: they have quite some chances.

    Group of preddies: No chance at all.

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