Predator Premiere: June 12th, 1987


How many of you actually saw PREDATOR when it came to theaters in 1987? I'm guessing not many here. Have you seen PREDATOR on the big screen before? Lets celebrate the OG PREDATOR today and talk about favorite moments of the film and what it all means to you!

I was lucky enough to be brought onto this PREDATOR team at Fox and meet all of you fine people. I saw the Predator movies before working at Fox, but it was after really digging into the franchise and fandom that my interest in the movies and community sky rocketed. The Predator community is the BEST!


  • PreyerPreyer Young Blood☠️

    There are times like this when I wish I had been born earlier lol

  • AvPG_CorporalHicksAvPG_CorporalHicks Young Blood☠️

    Honestly, I came into Predator through it's association with Alien. I remember playing the Rebellion's Alien vs. Predator around 2000/2001 when the Gold Edition came out. I knew my Dad had it on VHS and was able to convince him to let me watch it (he was more resistant to that than Aliens for some reason) and that began the love obsession.

    I didn't get to see it on the big screen until the 30th anniversary rerelease. And then after that I caught a double bill of Predator and Predator 2 on a cinema in London that tends to show older films rather frequently. It was fantastic seeing a scratchy as hell original print on the big screen.

  • Hawkins_Upside-DownHawkins_Upside-Down Yautja Leader☠️☠️☠️☠️

    Well said bud, thanks for sharing! The Predator franchise is a special one.. Thanks to FOX.

  • PreyerPreyer Young Blood☠️

    @Hawkins_Upside-Down Yeah, and now it's a less special one thanks to Disney. Jk, whatever may happen, the Predator franchise will still be one of the most determining ones for the evolution of sci fi history.

  • Hawkins_Upside-DownHawkins_Upside-Down Yautja Leader☠️☠️☠️☠️
    edited June 2019

    @Preyer haha I know it looks like that now but being a big Disney head, I never knew them to make something worse. Keep your hopes up 👍🏻 Unless we are talking about Star Wars movies loll. That has more to do with the times. Lazy, fearful filmmaking from people who won’t stand up to the studio execs.

  • Hawkins_Upside-DownHawkins_Upside-Down Yautja Leader☠️☠️☠️☠️
    edited June 2019

    The art and moral of the story has been replaced by a never ending series of clumsy cringing political messages. Mixing in or embedding a couple here and there is one thing. No one wants to see it in every movie as if there’s a contest happening. We want the goods! The best part is in modern times humanity is at an all time high but reality is being promoted like it’s the opposite... I blame drugs lol. The stories I write focus on substance and purpose. They involve humanity!

    (If you have something like lethal weapon 2 that deals with apartheid or something real it’s acceptable especially when it’s well done)

  • Blob_147Blob_147 Elite☠️☠️☠️

    I was born 11 years too late, sadly...

  • HawkinsHawkins Elite☠️☠️☠️

    I was 11 when Predator was released. Probably saw it some years later on VHS.

    Radio Operator

  • AncientGemAncientGem Un-Blooded

    Awesome pic. :)

  • Choppah84Choppah84 Un-Blooded

    I was 3 years, stupid valet would'nt let me in.

    But kidding aside, i have fond memories seeing it on VHS for the first time. My dad loved the movie and we always watched it when it was on tv. It's a movie that never gets old.

    But seeing it in the theatres must've been awesome. :)

  • LostDreamLostDream Un-Blooded

    2 of my earliest memories are from movies I watched as a child the original black and white King Kong and Predator.

    Happy Predator day tomorrow for you all by the way.

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