Ultimate Lasershot Predator

Okay, so I'm sure most of you saw NECA reveal the Lasershot Predator this week! Anyone interested in picking up this bad boy? Thoughts?

From NECA website:

"Taking inspiration from the 1990s designs, our team has created a modern tribute with extra detail and articulation to bring this Predator into the new millennium. The original figure has electronic elements and this one does too—a LED targeting eye to home in on his prey. Lasershot Clan Leader stands 8.5″ tall, has over 30 points of articulation and comes with removable mask, detachable wrist shield, flexible grappling hook that attaches to his assault cannon, and a swappable clawed left hand with articulation.

Comes in display-friendly window box packaging with opening flap."


  • Alien_QueenAlien_Queen Yautja Leader☠️☠️☠️☠️

    I almost switched teams over this release. I’ll definitely be grabbing ..🖤

    Aliens 👽 🖤
  • MoonsphinxMoonsphinx Yautja Leader☠️☠️☠️☠️

    Yes and thank you!! There’s so many awesome releases from Neca this year!!

    You are one Beautiful Motherf****r!

  • AvPG_CorporalHicksAvPG_CorporalHicks Young Blood☠️

    I freaking love how NECA is just going to town on the Kenner re-designs. They feel less ridiculous than Kenner's take but still retain that 90s feel. I love it so much. Popping into the city at the weekend so I'm hoping to come back with some new Alien and Predator goodies.

  • PreyerPreyer Young Blood☠️

    Oh I freakin love NECA!

  • PritaPrita Blooded ☠️☠️

    He looks great! Not a fan of the big thing in his hand. To me it looks like a giant frisbee... and its pink! I dont think pink is a Predator’s best color. HAHAHA! Of course, then again, I’m not a fan of the regular figures that come with the thing that sticks into the canon and is supposed to look like its firing. Looks like a golf tee to me, so all I think of is Preddie heading out to the course to take in a round. Too funny!!

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

  • ApeYautjaApeYautja Elite☠️☠️☠️

    I recently got this figure and it is awesome! It takes a little to get the mask to stay on properly. Really, cool in person.

  • Choppah84Choppah84 Un-Blooded

    Neca is just killing it with their Kenner tribute stuff.

    Love the 90'ties extreme in the design, but that might be nostalgia speaking.


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