Predator Minute Podcast

Hello Predator Community! 

I have been a big fan of Predator 1987 since it came out. I wanted to inform Predator fans that my buddy Jeff and I produce/publish a podcast that analyzes Predator one minute at a time. We just recorded and released our 37th minute this week, and I felt that I should spread the word! Check it out if you want to fully dive into analysis of McTiernan's camerawork, Arnie's acting, Army field manuals, an arsenal's worth of firearms, the different ways to yell Mac!, and Yautja creature design. Thanks! 

- Jon Z.

Here are the links for the latest minute, including the RSS feed:






Find us on Facebook at the Predator Minute Listeners' Palapa, on Twitter @predatorminute (and cohost Jeff @Karl_Hungus314), and on SoundCloud @predator_minute_podcast. Send us your comments and questions at [email protected]


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