Forum now has CATEGORIES!


I split up the forum into a few categories and feel like I should explain all of them. Most are self explanatory but go ahead and create your discussions in any of these sub-categories based on the content of what your talking about/ posting! Hope this helps organize everything a little better. 

CLICK CLICK CLICK... - A catch all! It's here you can post about non predator related stuff, music, other movies, cosplay, pictures of you on vacation, etc etc! 

Predator Movies - Feel free to use the sub-category to spout off about any Predator movie in the universe! Could be a short, could be in the AVP world, hell, it could be a conversation about a movie you would WANT to get made. 

BTS - Behind the Scenes. - I'll be posting some pics from our archive but feel free to post pictures/vids if you have any interesting Predator related behind the scenes action! 

Predator Archive - I will be using this category to post some cool tidbits/info around Yautja technology, ships, characters, so that we can create discussions around what we love...PREDATOR! 

Collectibles - Post your Predator collectible collections here! Also, any conversations around collectibles, new figures coming out, etc. 

Comics and Games - It's here where you can talk about any comics, video games, board games, apps in the Predator universe. 

Have fun, everyone! 



  • PritaPrita Blooded ☠️☠️
    These are awesome! I really like the categories. It sure will make it convenient and a breeze to keep up on favorite threads too. Thank you for your hard work! :-)

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

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