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I know we all love every Preddie figures we have. But for fun, this is kinda reversed. Of all the Preddie figures you have, which is your ***least*** favorite? It has to be from your own collection. For me it’s Thermal Vision Fugitive. I love the Fugitve himself, but it’s the Thermal Vision I’m not a fan of. I prefer the ones that have all the detailed painting. 

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    Good question, I'd say my least favs would be a tie between the Cloaked Jungle Hunter, Cloaked City Hunter and Cloaked Scar. Just never been a huge fan of cloaked figures but got them anyway. There are a few cloaked ones I really like such as Ambush, Lava Planet, Jungle Demon and Water Emergence Jungle Hunter, but those either have flashier accessories or some paint applications that make them stick out whereas the regular cloaked ones don't aside from Scar's hologram accessory which was the main reason I wanted that one.
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  • I don't own a lot, but, I guess I would have to say my Elder Predator. I mean, he's cool, but you asked for my least favorite. I have a signed Hawkins by Shane Black! Thats one of my favs. 
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    I think it depends on my mood. Currently I’d say my least favorite is my 1/6 hot toys berserker. He’s great but I wish he has more accessories. Also some of its clothing has dry rot.
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    Honestly, it'd be my older McFarlane figures. I just love the NECA stuff when compared to McFs.
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