My AVP Guilty Pleasure... Alien Loves Predator

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So I'm gonna be sharing with ya'll my AVP guilty pleasure... Everybody has a guilty pleasure for something, but as for me, my AVP guilty pleasure is... Alien Loves Predator... Understand though that Alien Loves Predator started out as a Spoof webcomic before the damn shippers came along and turned it into a shipping. 

Alien Loves Predator, or ALP to fans, was a webcomic that spoofs on Alien vs. Predator, reversing the adversarial relationship depicted in the comics, books, games and movies, ALP presents a xenomorph named Abe (depicted as a male & is the humorous type) and a yautja named Preston (who is the more rational of the two and appears to wear glasses in some comics) as friends and roommates in modern-day New York. Ever since the comic's release, fans have gotten into the ALP fandom, especially the shippers that went and made ALP into a shipping.

Now ya'll know I am a HUGE fan of Alien & Predator, and I know full well of the relationship yautjas have with xenomorphs, being that the yautjas consider xenomorphs to be the "Ultimate prey" and they clearly have a significant understanding of xenomorphs and they do have far greater respect and control over the xenomorphs. To the yautja, the xenomorphs are they're eternal foe and most respected prey. But as ashamed as I am to admit... For some reason, I've always found the idea of alien & predator together as best friends really cute :3 As much as I hate most shippings, but there are some some shippings that I do find to be more accurate, And I have been guilty of being into the ALP thing... But in all honesty, if someone were to ask me to choose between the Scar+Lex shippings & ALP... I will sure as hell go with ALP, I really can't stand the Damn Scar+Lex shippings... And it really doesn't help when Scar predator is almost the yautja equivalent of my boyfriend, as my boyfriend does have the same qualities & personality that I liked in Scar predator. So to me, seeing a Scar+Lex shipping is like seeing my boyfriend being shipped with a girl I really hate and wanna go F*cking Wolf Predator on her ****! Scar+Lex shippings are nothing but poison!!! Now as for the the ALP, again, I've always found the idea of it really cute, I even went as far as to actually draw chibi versons of them being best friend and doing cute best friend things when I was young and visiting my dad on the weekends, and I still do have those pictures that sadly got ruined in the flood...

Remember those commercials they did for the DVD release of Aliens Vs. Predator requiem where they had Alien & Predator as roommates doing funny and silly gags like poker, fighting over pizza and all that roommate stuff? I freaken Loved those commercials! But i find it disappointing that the did it for the DVD release of AVPR, because that movie sucked... They also did commercials where Wolf predator & an alien warrior are playing soccer. I do feel thought that they should've wasted the commercials on advertising of the DVD release on a crappy movie, Instead, made them into funny shorts that you'd watch on Youtube... Speaking of Youtube, there just so happens to be a channel called AlienLovesPredatorUK, and the channel revolves around a Xenomorph named Abi, and a Yautja named Pedro, Abi is played by female cosplayer Rex and Pedro is played by male cosplayer Mark. And let me tell you, I freakn' Love they're Channel, I'm actually one of they're many Subscribers, they Also have they're own DeviantArt too.

So whats the appeal for ALP? While the idea of the concept started out as humor, but when the shippers came around, they made ALP into a shipping, from doing fanart to even writing fanfic... No seriously, they actually do fanfic with ALP & even human-predator romance fanfic.... WHY!? 

But nontheless, the appeal for ALP could just be the very idea of Alien & Predator being best friends or lovers, rather then being enemies, is cute and adorable. I myself am guilty for shipping Alien & Predator, but I DON'T ship them as lovers (at least I try not to If I'm being completely honest), I ship them mostly as best friends with a sort of Brother Sister relationship, which BTW is alot cuter than them being lovers, because with Alien & Predator being best friends, you have both the humor and the cute factor at the same time and its appropriate, while have them being lovers is... Well, while you do have the cute factor, but then sometimes you another factor thats really unnecessary and it does go way out of line, especially to what normal people are use to, and only people with sick minds actually like it, that factor happens to involve sex and anything sexual... Yeah, and that is an issue with ALP... I am going to make this clear, ALP is NOT cannon in the AVP universe, and it is ok only, and I do mean ONLY in the universe of ficition as long as it is appropriate and NOT sexual.

And while Alien Vs. Predator is awesome and badass and full of action, Alien Loves Predator on the other hand is both cute and funny, and thats why me and fans of ALP like it.

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