The STUPIDEST story I Ever wrote!

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Back when I was in elementary school, I had a composition book to write down stories. I had many Ideas on what stories to write down, Most of them were pretty stupid and I've torn them all out... But None were, well... As bad as this story that I made. The story itself sounds like a really bad crossover fan-fiction with a ridiculously long-**** Title and was made in 12/1/08... The Story... The Adventures of Indianan Jones & Darth Vader Vs. Alien in Jurassic Park. This Dumbass story with a Dumbass Title had a really Dumbass Plot to it and not a whole lot of action or alot of conflict to go with it and Makes NO sense whatsoever! Unfortunately I was unable to finish the story But I think I can remember the ending of this really stupid story... Without further-a-doo, Heres The Story...

"The Adventures of Indianan Jones & Darth Vader Vs. Alien in Jurassic Park"

Indianan Jones was stealing the Crystal Skull from the temple. The people (Most likely Natives) Knew that He stole the crystal skull, so (as Indianan Jones leaves the temple that apparently had no booby traps) They threw rocks at him. Indianan Jones kept running and running (From the natives throwing rocks at him) Until he saw a space ship (Which in fact wasn't really a space ship, but a Landspeeder), So he ran to it. He saw (inside the landspeeder) Obi-wan kenobi. "Get out of ship, Old Man!" Said Indianan Jones as he pulls him out of the space ship (1. Again, NOT a space ship! It was a landspeeder. 2. He just carjacked, or should I say Shipjacked Frickin' Obi-Wan Kenobi!) and (Hopped in the Landspeeder) blasts off into space (Which The landspeeder Doesn't do). 

Indianan Jones was then Sucked into Darth vader's Ship (Or the Death Star). Indianan Jones Meets Darth Vader (No Fight or Conflict goes on between the two, just a little friendly he-and Chit-chat) A Wizard (Merlin Maybe) Appears (Out of nowhere for no reason) and tells them that a small group of people are trapped on a small island. So Indianan Jones and Darth Vader (who is now the good guy since being Anakin Skywalker) team up and get into a space ship. But Alien (Whos probably still floating around in frickin' Space where no one can here you scream) sees them in a little space ship. "Well, Well, Well, Look at that! They think they can traspass on my side of space?" Said Alien (Apparently Alien has the ability to talk), She was angry and tries to knock them out (HOW!? Is she gonna float on over to the ship, break in and knock them out???), But Indianan Jones & Darth Vader Escapes from Her and make their way to Earth. 

They find the small Island and land there. Once they got on out of the ship, The people they were sent to save ran past them, steal their ship and blasted of. "They Left us..." Said Darth Vader. Indianan Jones & Darth Vader find a Van and rode it until it was nightfall and raining. Darth Vader heard Thundering. Indianan Jones heard it too. They soon realized that there was a T-Rex behind their van (Which of course merlin didn't tell them that the island was full of dinosaurs). They drove away as fast as they can, but the T-Rex was chasing them. Soon, the T-Rex stopped chasing them but Indianan Jones & Darth Vader were then driving off a cliff...

The story ended there and I Never got to finish it because my teacher said that needed to write down a different story... But this is how the story ended... I think Indianan Jones & Darth Vader survive the cliff drop somehow and they later find a ship out of nowhere. Our heros then fly to China for some Chinese food because that sh*ts good. But then Alien comes falling out of space and challenges our heros to which Darth accepts, They have a Lightsaber battle that Darth Vader wins and Alien pretty much leaves. Indianan Jones & Darth Vader go their Separate ways and Years later meet again in a retirement home. And Thats the end of my Really stupid story there... And Looking back at it now... This is without a doubt, The Stupidest story I Ever Wrote... Hope you Enjoy!

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