Studio ADI Emissary Predator Headbust

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Studio ADI are releasing a headbust of Kyle’s Emisarry Predator 😍😍😍. Everytime I see something come up about the Emissary Predators, the larger the support for the release of the Emissary Predator version there is. I will remain confident that someday we will finally get the true version of this movie. The petition as it sits has 425 signatures and counting. @Xenomorph You should probably get this as well. @AlphaPredator sorry if I post a lot about the Emissary Predators.


  • PritaPrita Blooded ☠️☠️
    I love watching Studio ADI stuff on YT. They’re great. And, I’m with you... seeing others still doing things with anything Predator related, does make a person feel better. 

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

  • @JohnTheEmissary I saw this first hand at Monsterpalooza on Saturday. Good stuff. Posting pics in a few. 
  • JohnTheEmissaryJohnTheEmissary Elite☠️☠️☠️
    @AlphaPredator Can’t wait to see them. And I know I’m obsessed with wanting to see the Emissary Predator version of the movie 😂🤗.
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    @JohnTheEmissary you are not the only one obsessed with the Emissary Cut! I have two questions about the Emissary bust; how much will it cost and when does it become available for purchase?
  • JohnTheEmissaryJohnTheEmissary Elite☠️☠️☠️
    @StarWarsNerdASR Probably $1300 just like the Fugitive bust. Not sure when it’ll be released.
  • StarWarsNerdASRStarWarsNerdASR Elite☠️☠️☠️
    @JohnTheEmissary Well then, time to start saving!
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