Anyone like eggs in the morning

MortiisMortiis Elite☠️☠️☠️
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  • Mouth2MandibleMouth2Mandible Blooded ☠️☠️
    Remember to look directly at the egg to see if it is ready, then brace yourself for a flying facehugger...the breakfast of champions!
  • PritaPrita Blooded ☠️☠️
    Wow! What the he** grocery store do I get those? I hope I don’t have to fly all the way to YP to get them! LMAO... “cage free”. Just classic!

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

  • @Mortiis I have a 6 pack of those glow in the dark eggs at home! My 2 year old daughter loves playing with them too lol. 
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