Ranking on this community?

youtjaprimeyoutjaprime Un-Blooded
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hello to all the Predator fans and members,I am new to this community and was wondering how you start ranking up ? Thank you for your time look forward to talking with all of you. 


  • PritaPrita Blooded ☠️☠️
    @youtjaprime Welcome! You start ranking pretty much immediately. Each activity you do (ie: do a Like, and LOL, and Agree, etc). It counts them automatically, so nothing you need to do.  You can see it in your profile. Shows how many skulls you have. It will also show you badges (cool feature) on the right side of your profile page. Really a fun feature. If you click the badges, it goes to a page that shows you what you did to earn a badge. The only thing the site doesn’t show you is, how many more skulls you need till your next level up (or at least, I haven’t found a place it shows you that). Hope this helps! 

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

  • youtjaprimeyoutjaprime Un-Blooded
    Thank you for all your help now I have a good idea.
  • YautjaSicarioYautjaSicario Young Blood☠️
    @youtjaprime welcome
  • youtjaprimeyoutjaprime Un-Blooded
    Thank you youtja sicario
  • @youtjaprime thanks for joining!! Glad to have you here. As of right now you can rank up by earning skulls. You earn skulls by users "reacting" to your posts like giving you a "Like" "Awesome" "LOL" "Agree" etc. The points are low right now for those but I think I'm going to increase the skull points for those. When you earn Badges, those also will give you skulls. 

    Correct, @Prita we don't have that functionality here where it will tell you how many more skulls to rank up. 
  • youtjaprimeyoutjaprime Un-Blooded
    Thank you @AlphaPredator I’m a big time predator fan. Nice to find that their is a community for people like us who all have the same enjoyment 
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