What Would You Imagine on YP?

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I often imagine what life is like on YP and how Preds live. Specifically, they do within the confines of their homes and even things about their daily lives. Do they do chores like vacuuming, dusting, dishes? Do they sleep on cushy beds with blankets and do they do laundry? Or, do they have a class of Preds doing chores like maids or something? Do they have cribs for their younglings? Where do they buy things? Do they do things we can’t even relate to like?  Who does maintenance on the ships? Do they have bills to pay? Do all the males in a clan sleep in a dorm? Where do they get new masks if their’s break or they want an upgrade? Do they have a tailor to make their armor to size? Who builds the buildings? Is there a parking garage or hangar the ships stay in? So many things to wonder about! What do **you** imagine they live like at home on YP?

- “ The Hyperactive Hunter”


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    I believe that on YP they are mostly agricultural living off the land growing foods and fresh herbs for medicines, they would have a bazaar which is a collection of many tiny shops under tents maybe even a port or hub for fuel and machine parts exchanges with other intelligent beings. I believe they make jewellry and wares such as bio masks and hair beads, bone necklaces in their spare time and I feel as though they would perhaps even have a bone baby crib maybe even made out of a fearsome alien creature's rib cage? I think they would do laundry by hand or perhaps walk through a decontamination station that cleans them kind of like a Yautja car wash for bodies LOL I believe that they live alone unless mated with pups (with us oomans XD) since female preds are kind of wild LOL I think that on ship its like a huge dorm party like the Los Angeles Hunting Party 10 boys WOOT, did somebody say C'ntlip?
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    Those are amazing thoughts of YP! I love the idea of a thee Yautja body car wash. That’s awesome! Now that I’ve read some of your thoughts on YP, it makes my mind wander even more.  Seems the more I think about it the more I think of. LOL! Thank you for sharing! 

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

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