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I’ve always wondered why the Predator movies never had any soundtracks to them. I know they’ve each had scores, but I mean no bands have ever had music featured in any of the four movies.

I think heavy metal music would fit right in with the tone of the franchise; either modern or ‘80s/‘90s bands.

What kind of music do you think would work? What kind of bands would you like to see featured on a Predator soundtrack?


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    We will dominaaaaaaate

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    There’s some songs that would totally work. Mostly one-offs. Teamheadkick has some(they have a whole album with different songs of other franchises like Halo and Mortal Kombat). Panel Zahnovich has a metal track. Shimonoseki did one that specifically covers the Preds. Chrispy did a cool one that has Predator-like sounds mixed in it like his growl and vision sensor. Very heavy with some electronica mixed in. They did a few others that could Work like “Face of the Devil - Alien Weaponry”, “Engage’

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

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    Stick with the scores.  The original predator is one of my favorite sound tracks.  They had the one song "Long Tall Sally". I think if it had actual songs in the movie it would perhaps ruin the movie.  The score in the Predator fits perfectly with each sense.  The score tells you the story along with the movie.  I don't think any order of songs could do that. Im not against songs for a soundtrack but it has to be a certain type of movie.  I don't think predator or any of the predators is that type of movie. 
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    Agree with @UncleWolf... Some movies work best w a song or two and a quality score instead of complete album soundtrack. Predator is one of those movies that work best with its haunting and suspenseful score.
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