Neca Ahab (repaint)

edited April 2019 in Fan Art
Well he just about 50% done now he took week and half, I'm quite proud of my first repaint other than fugitive which is wip still. This inspired by the shots seen here.well I came close yet it reminds bit of 87 but different weathering on the armor like that feel. I used polyurethane for gloves and liquitex paint good stuff I'd recommend to anyone I had lot fun with the washes and getting right tones I wanted I'm really happy with my results I might repaint sandals next maybe the straps but as now I'm leaving him as he is. I know I missing the targetting sight I'll touch up that later,his scaring was inspired by @AhabPredator  knocked little from that badass ahab suit of yours. He has mix of warm greys and metalics & black washes to look really wore out,went from dual flat grey with barely any silver washes to certified badass more comic/movie like.iI'll be taking some cool shots so you can see more of his vibrant warm grey tones in action well guys let me know what you think enjoy peace! 😁


  • Very well done! Thanks for uploading these! 
    @AlphaPredator thanks man! Just wait till you see my fugitive 😜 I'm break internet cause this another rehash custom haha. Glad you like I'll more shot's coming soon. 
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