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Picture this. Taking place around the year 2187 AD, a Weyland-Yutani research vessel by the name of USCSS Leviathan (that's a bit of a special reference) accompanied by a troop of Colonial Marines sets down on a planet called LV-497. It's a hot and dry desert world covered in sand- and thunder-storms, orbiting two red suns, and found to be rich in various minerals and other valuable resources. But they also find out that it is filled with ruins from a seemingly long-lost civilization worshipping some sort of "sun god", and once the expedition has established a base camp on the planet, soldiers start disappearing and being taken by "sand ghosts" with their bodies found mutilated in a ritualistic fashion, and it is up to General Paxton with his mechanical arm to track down and eliminate these wicked alien foes and uncover the planet's ancient secrets along the way. That's a little Predator 5 story idea I've been working on (currently titled "Predator: Heat of the Hunt" or "P:HOTH" for short). So what do you guys think?
"How about we make a campfire, sing a couple of songs?"


  • Awesome. Keep the ideas coming! Who else has an idea for the next Predator film? Comment below! 
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    Sounds great! Love the “Sand Ghosts” label!

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

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    That’s an interesting start you have going there.   

    I have a couple of ideas I’m developing myself.  One is a continuation and the other is something new.  The “something new” version will reference the past as Predators did but not have any continuity with its prequels. 

    I recently came up with a third idea.  I will tell you this.  It’s mainly set somewhere in the Middle East. It will also connect with other areas in Asia, along with the US and UK. 
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    I believe we all can come up with pretty dam good story lines as True Predator followers,, my problem would be who plays who. With yesterday’s Heroes are fading and the so-called new heroes are really pre-Madonna’s it’s going to be a tough casting call. Everyone gots it going with their own concept, they all sound bad_ss 
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    I personally have several ideas and have considered typing them into script format or perhaps a novel. My only concern is that the fandom is at war with itself over certain topics in the universe. I won't dredge them out here, but I fear that if I made any of my personal works public that I'd be crucified for my headcanons.
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    @Barkkorn Agreed. All of us have great ideas for a Predator or AVP movie but some of them can cause a world war within the fanbase. I suggest you do what you think best, publish the idea, make a fan film or whatever you like. We shall see what reactions follow.

    I've been developing an AVP3 story as well titled either "Aliens vs Predators: The Replicant Syndicate" or "Alien vs Predator: Genesis". This story can also spark a revolt in the fanbase. The summary is not going to explain the title. The whole story will.

    The central plot is set during 2999, where the Earth is an abandoned desert planet as humans have depleted all the resources. Some settlements still exist especially in LA. The main HQ of Weyland-Yutani-Tyrell Corporation is also in the city.

    Upon the revelation of the presence of a mysterious rare element which could unlock the secret to immortality on LV-212, the company sends in their best of the best to extract the element aboard the Event Horizon.

    These team includes a badass squadron of the Colonial Marines, batches of the Walter 77 androids and the Nexus 368 replicants.

    Its not till they breach the troposhere of LV-212 that the Event Horizon's takes a hit from an unknown source and a hull is breached. The crew (mostly just the Colonial Marines) soon realize that they're in the hypocenter of a warzone between three extra terrestrial species; some familiar some not. (The species are the Yautja, Xenomorphs and the Engineers. Imagine the Endgame battle but with these guys and much more gore).

    Roughly half of the crew survives the first week.

    (This is a rough draft, not the original story. It's to be edited and continued.) The moment the surviving crew finds a safe haven in the form of a small cave, they encounter a local survivor called Royce. Optimistic about his rescue, Royce allow the crew to salvage his equipment if needed. They dispatch a message to the company about the current status.

    (Im writing this in a summarized fashion here to give you all an idea so please forgive me if it all sounds abrupt) The company takes notice and recruits the best elite squad from the last millenium. The company cant risk losing the chance to obtain the element if it exists, they dont care about the crew. The wake Sargeant Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, an Ellen Ripley replicant with implanted memories from the original Ripley, Blade Runner Rick Deckard, TODD-3465, Commissioner Harrigan, Dr. Alex Woods and Quinn McKenna from cryosleep where they have been in hibernation for most of the millenium since its a time people are only woken if deemed absolutely neccesary.

    The elite is briefed in on the situation to which a smirky Dutch replies:



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    My idea for Predator 5:

    Set the movie directly after Predator 1. A group of marines are attacked by a group of bad blood predators and then an a pair of Predators arrive in time to defeat them. The pair of Predators form an alliance with the marines to stop the bad bloods from destroying Earth. And get Guillermo Del Toro to direct it, Neil Blomkamp to co-direct, and Steven Spielberg to be executive producer.

    Do you guys think a budget of $150 million would be appropriate?

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    @JohnTheEmissary I was really digging this but lost interest just when you said the Predators team up with the Marines. Man, its been 32 years since the Predator (1987) and five out of the six Predator movies were set on Earth. So people really dont want a Predator movie set on Earth. I'd see it but then I'm just ONE individual out of a fanbase of millions.

    Two, the Predators teaming up with humans is fully explored in an AVP and a Predator movie already so people are also sick of that too. Personally, I love the teamup in AVP, but then again, Im just ONE individual in a giantass fanbase.

    No offense man, but thats what I've been hearing. People dont want these two subplots in a Predator movie.

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    I’d like to see the movie have multiple settings. I want to see their planet but not have the movie stay there and without humans for the duration (they would be missed - regardless of what anyone thinks you need humans lol). And Spielberg and Guillermo are definitely not making a Predator movie lol.

    I want to see Jordan Peele have a crack at it with maybe a John Jashni or Simon Kinberg type as producer... Written by me of course lol. Creators should never cheap out on the scores and the editing but its now a common theme.

  • HawkinsHawkins Elite☠️☠️☠️

    i wouldn’t mind finding out what happened to Royce and Isabelle.

    Radio Operator

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    Nice thing how you managed to connect a bit the alien and predator universe in the script. Found it really interesting. I haven't had many thoughts about another predator movie, seems like i'm just fine with what already exists. But now that I think of it, I'd like to see yauatcha prime. Maybe a human expedition team could be sent there, either in purpose, or like, from a signal (just like in Covenant) and finally uncover the big truths of yauatcha civilization. But I'd like there to be an almost ruined dystopia, due to predators having a civil war. No,no... More like a TRIBE war. Just like what we saw in Predators, but I'm talking about whole damn armies. We don't really know what happened there, but it sure seems like they had some problems. Anyway, haven't thought about the plot, that's just what I'd like to see lol.

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    First idea: Don't let Shane Black do anything, not even the catering.

    Second, damn some good ideas already mentioned.....

    I'm with Hawkins, Predators 2 is fine with me.

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