Predators needs a sequel!

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I think Predators might be the most overlooked movie in the series. I loved that one, and would love to see it continued into a trilogy if possible. It kind of reminded me of Terminator Salvation, how there was a really cool new idea to take the series, and before we could see it continued, the next movie ended up taking on almost an entirey different story line. 

It looks like the new Terminator coming out in November is once again going to be a movie that’ll ignore every movie after the second one and do it’s own thing.

I guess I’m just wondering what the fate of the Predator franchise is going to be. Is the entire series going to be scrapped in favor of a new reboot, or will we actually see a continuation of one of the storylines that’s been set up but put on the backburner? I want to see the new Predator Killer Suit, but I also want to know what’s going to happen with Royce and I feel like he needs another movie too.


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    I can see a potential also about did they get of the planet.  What else was there and where else could it go you could make storylines for all sorts on that planet. 
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    While I would love to see a cinematic sequel we already got both a prequel and sequel through the Predators comic.
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    Predators definitely needs a sequel.
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    More Isabelle!

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    That Director, Producer tandem worked well together. 
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    Agree series has been overlooked. That’s why I feel fortunate got Predator 2018. I give kudos to the producers for sticking their necks out there, probably knowing it wasn’t going to be a box office hit. Yes, the story line might have been different, but maybe they were trying to capture a younger audience, hoping they’d get hooked on the series too. It was done with Star Wars and worked. 

    Like everyone else, I’m concerned that since Disney entered the scene, they’ll drop it. Disney is too “sparkles and rainbows” to allow movies like Predator to tarnish their reputation, so they’ll nix any one who comes forward to put one out. If they do allow it, I only hope it doesn’t take another 20 years to do it.

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    defiantly, predators is one of my favs. I always wondered if they got off the planet. 
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