Blackout..back and out

edited April 16 in Fan Art
Wip still..I call him blackout name after one of my characters, only thing sucks is paint rips here there liquitex good sticks really well..but dam,I'm need really good varnish keep this **** held up if anyone knows good brands that hold up be awesome. This isn't another re-hash of movie accuracy custom as I mentioned I've already.

Seen one unused concept done but in actual suit form to figure form now close what I'm doing looks I'm no longer first do this...

But  payinh Morrow Modge to the artist I'm doing samething but more based from the actual concept art done by Milena zdravkovic version with a little kick more stealth like honestly this repaint is worth it.this isn't done but used my spare bio neca gave year ago.second my old bio faded which fits perfectly for more flat stealth look about 50% this going have matte finish even know these paints aren't,I'm hoping I'll be get varnish I need or mod podge gloss to keep paint from rubbing and ripping, well stay tuned for more guys hoping finish up Ahab this week maybe then next week blackout.
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