Ahab & fugitive update

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Well I'm quite please this touchups so far,first was Ahab luckily I have right tones his scar ispired by @AhabPredator suit took couple washes blends only downside is the paint sticks really well but can chip scrape off due fact don't have right varnesh I'm wondering if straight up mod podge gloss would save my fugitive paint from chipping scraping. and I'm only just getting started with him finally but the paint scrapes if move certain joints like the legs  in the bicep swivel where the elbows at not sure if has do how much coats i put on i had redo righy thigh cause paint scrapped some parts bit more coated than others im not sure what do. Im not if should remove paint on thighs most right thigh do thinner coat paint or leave at it is.

 Im hoping get some good varnish or use mod podge paid i have then get mod podge super gloss to give that wet look and protect paint from damage.


  • Awesome! How tall is that bad mofo?? 
  • PritaPrita Blooded ☠️☠️
    Wow! That’s incredible. The detailing is awesome. 

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

    @AlphaPredator 7inch but the angel makes look bigger lol. @Prita :D aye welcome back! Nice see ya again, thanks I tried my hardest I have more detail shots coming soon.😜 once do warm grey he'll look more accurate, last thing he'll need is new brown faded coat much like anytime's dark slimly skin. ^^ 
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