Ahab wip

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This getting there I'm need beer after this @AhabPredator lol,let me know what you guys think. I need touch the face more add more coffee color photoshoping skin going be a **** lol. Enjoy hope you like so far ahab! 😁 you can find rest at https://www.instagram.com/mugen1r/ 


  • Drakar006Drakar006 Elite☠️☠️☠️
    Looking great!
    No thought of compromise. The smell of blood, stirring emotion. So darkly devoted, I have become.
    -Device, Hunted
  • AhabPredatorAhabPredator Yautja Leader☠️☠️☠️☠️
    That's looking pretty awesome my dude.  ;) The details are really starting to come together!

    Once you have it all wrapped out, I'll give you those hands you wanted. Now I'll tell you... I'll probably have to ship them weird to save money. So I plan to put them in an empty pill bottle type thing, then put that in a small packaging box. That way they won't get lost or anything. 
    @Drakar006 thanks man I got more new things coming soon! @AhabPredator thanks man he's legit almost wrapped I'm just down to the arms and the armor,I'm get him done by tomorrow then digitally edit him finalize him but I'll upload raw pic I'll just DM you it. 😜 

    Naw its straight I told understand makes sense,sounds good me can't wait soon I'll return with some sick **** custom repaints mostly Ahab & fugitive. ^^ 
  • @GREYBACK-GA Good stuff my man!! Keep em coming. Love seeing all this talent.. 
    @AlphaPredator thanks man! Gotta love Ahab and most definitely I got all sorts new things coming soon. 😜
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