Blackout fugitive (unused concept) wip

edited April 16 in Fan Art
Alright I'm man of my word i wasn't kidding basing my fugitive off concept that only had one photo shoot shot then scrapped extra suit bits based from Milenas zdravkovic design but im doing mix of both, i really love use metalic greys,bronze colors im try go as accurate to this concept ive took way all my mistakes with oilbased which ruined bits of armor make more stealth like and slick.well I spent majority of my day butcher my fugitive most him was easy to take apart,lot boiling water using food syringe, a hair dryer especially for the waste I hated sherkien discs honestly. Im still not fond of use of tones for the skin its just off red & yellow,hes such badass once im done he'll be like new honestly i had no plans go route for film accurate i wanted some off the radiar cant wait show the wip guys! Stay tuned for more! :D 
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