If you could only choose ONE Predator weapon to have on a hunt.....which one would it be?

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If you could only choose ONE Predator weapon to have on a hunt.....which one would it be? 162 votes

24% 40 votes
Plasma Pistol
11% 18 votes
27% 44 votes
9% 16 votes
Smart Disc
17% 29 votes
1% 3 votes
Wrist Gauntlet
5% 9 votes
1% 2 votes
Proximity Mines
0% 1 vote


  • WindgaoWindgao Young Blood☠️
    this is very dependent on the prey of the hunt but I would properly use hand to hand on complex and honorable species   
  • AvimiaAvimia Un-Blooded
    Ok wait. I voted, but my own answer is the Predator himself! In my eyes, he IS the best weapon! The other stuff can’t do anything without him. Hehehe. 
    - The Hyperactive Predator”
  • YosephlostYosephlost Young Blood☠️
    I had to go list of wrist bladesI like to be up close and personal I wanta see the light fade from ur eyes.....👿
  • ApeYautjaApeYautja Elite☠️☠️☠️
    I choose smart disc due to long range and close range combat with the weapon. 
  • Kes_wethKes_weth Un-Blooded
    The plasma caster is an excellent medium-long range weapon for prey the Predator cannot reach--or which may be firing on him from hiding.  As  for wristblades--why wound he need them at all if he knows how to use his claws.  (Now for the expected storm)
  • Kes_wethKes_weth Un-Blooded

    I said plasma-caster--don't know if the site picked it up. He needs  medium-long range weapon for  prey he cannot otherwise reach.

    As for wrist-blades-he  must know how to use his natural claws.

  • MortiisMortiis Elite☠️☠️☠️
    Plasma caster classic predator weapon 
  • earthlingearthling Un-Blooded
    if I had to choose from the list I would choose the disk because it is a close and medium range weapon but since we are talking about a hunter who wants trophy's and a sporting animal to hunt I believe that means close range, so I would say camophauge. it was easy to kill a earthling 500 years ago now we have real weapons shooting a plasma caster from 100 yards is not sporting. a disk is better, but if you want a story to tell your partners then it is the wrist blades and to do that I believe you need camo. From the Earthling
  • XenosaurianXenosaurian Young Blood☠️
    But what about the Shuriken? I would love to have that one! ^^
    "How about we make a campfire, sing a couple of songs?"
  • SuperDaveSuperDave Young Blood☠️
    Either stealth/cloaking or the wristblades
  • i meant to put wristblades but all is a good wepon 
  • CedricTBCedricTB Young Blood☠️
    Wristblades. Hands down the best way to go toe to toe with anyone!
  • CelticCeltic Yautja Leader☠️☠️☠️☠️
    My trophy from alien day
  • RocketeerRocketeer Young Blood☠️
    Without a doubt, the Smart Disc is simply an elegant weapon.
  • AvPG_CorporalHicksAvPG_CorporalHicks Young Blood☠️
    I honestly think I'd have to go with Wolf's Plasma Pistol. It's probably my favourite design of a Predator pistol. 
  • PreyerPreyer Young Blood☠️
    Well, nothing's more honourable than a macho mano a mano fight, so I'd probably go with the blades. However, you have to admit that the plasma pistol is such a nice design....
  • brookylyn12brookylyn12 Un-Blooded

    How about the self destruct device? 🤔🤔 id blow up everyone of them ugly lookin ****. 🤔

  • I choose the plasma pistol because it was the cooling weapons that every predator would use till their last breath.(that’s just my opinion ) It would be cool in the event where the predator have to use it in a long range against a strong elite character

  • rahezyrahezy Un-Blooded

    PlasmaCaster does work!

  • SheWolf84SheWolf84 Un-Blooded

    I want up close and personal, anyone can shoot someone from a distance but it takes true skill to kill up close.

  • Plasmacaster would definitely be my weapon of choice. I love how the barrel moves based on the direction the bio mask faces. I also love the amount of power and energt this weapon generates on its prey.

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