THR Article: Why Did Jean-Claude Van Damme Get Replaced in 'Predator'?

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"Van Damme managed to get the casting done without incident, but he confirms that he — like pretty much everyone else in the cast and crew, and Fox once McTiernan sent them the first footage — thought the original Predator design looked dumb as hell. But for Van Damme it was also a pain in the **** to wear."

"My head was in the neck. My hands were in the forearms, and there were cables [attached to my fingers to move the creature's head and jaws]. My feet were in his calves, so I was on [stilts]. It was a disgusting outfit," he says.

Do you think JCVD was out of line? Too much of a diva? Read more HERE and let us know by commenting! 


  • IronMan1963IronMan1963 Un-Blooded

    Yes he was a whiny diva

  • @IronMan1963 Welcome!! lol and I agree with you. He definitely was. Hope you like it here in the community. Hope you stick around and meet some more of our awesome people.

  • AVPVBRFanAVPVBRFan Un-Blooded

    I dont think he was being a whiny diva. The first costume was ugly as ****. Looked like a horrific aged duck man. So yes, that was really dumb. Andif you take into account that JCVD was a pretty damn big star by that time and he had signed on a film with a hectic production and for a role in which he wasnt even allowed to show his face? Yup. I'd be pretty whiny too no matter how good the first film turned out

  • PritaPrita Blooded ☠️☠️

    I think he probably had his quirks. But on the other hand, he was right. Had I been a big star, I would have flown the coop too, because I’m not going to look like an idiot in a costume that was doomed for failure. And stilts? Really? How was that gonna work. So, Can’t say I blame him. When I think of the movie Predator using that costume, my stomach turns. On the other hand, I bet JVD thinks back and wishes he had stuck around once the new Predator costume was designed. Funny how things work out.

    - “ The Hyperactive Hunter”

  • AlienPsychAlienPsych Un-Blooded

    Wow thats too bad it didn’t work out for him. I believe the version of him saying it wasn’t safe to move in that suit. Glad they got a real actor that was a taller predator after.

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