The legendary Snyder Cut...A game changer for fans n film makers.

Hey there so despite the title I will not be talking about Justice League however with the legendary Snyder Cut making its way for release I began to wonder...maybe just maybe a different cut of 2018 The Predator could be brought out? Shane Black and Fred Decker have both stated they hated the suit ending and there was always talk online getting us pumped for a story with mention of the emissary Predators, before the release of the predator the studio and last minute changes ruined the film and I would personally love to see black and deckers ultimate predator film.


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    I was thinking the same as well, the original ending cut has to be better than what we got. I am unsure to if new game is taking into account of theatrical cut or original cut. Cause the files in game as of now about what Dutch was doing during the other films sounds like it could of fit with ending in original script.

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